That is the question ?

Recently in Aotearoa/NZ there has been talk about running a referendum on cannabis law, at the next election 2017. (mentioned by several sources.. why WASTE one on the flag, it should be something relevant)

BUT usually you need a single question with only a yes/no answer or maybe select one from a few possibilities. So which is the best option(s):

1) I agree that medicinal (therapeutic) & scientific use of cannabis is acceptable (as per the current conventions). BUT not prohibition/zero-tolerance, which many countries effectively run

2) I think adults (over 21) should be able to use cannabis (with strict regulation: rules) for personal, recreational & spiritual use, similar to Holland etc. BUT any selling (esp. to youth <18) may result in a criminal sanction (decrim. adults use OR maybe R18 ??)

3) The 'misuse of drugs act 1975' (current NZ law) should be dumped in the bin & a new, 'fit-for-purpose' law be written to replace it; with the end of prohibition & a licensed regulation model (similar to alcohol) put in place. This was suggested in the 2011 Law Comm. review !
This was the basis of the 'psychoactive substances bill' BUT the Govt. refused to allow natural cannabis or other drugs currently prohibited in the MODA75. This resulted in the rise of the ‘synthetic high B-S’

"POWER to the PEOPLE !!"

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