News from frontlines

There has been a few recent moves on the frontlines of the laws around medicinal use of cannabis:

1) A court case in Canada, found that patients who are prescribed cannabis, can legally grow their own plants/medicine.

2) The Australian federal parliament recently passed legislation to allow cannabis to be grown & prescribed for genuine patients. About half of the states have already enacted ‘decriminalisation’ laws, for personal use also.

3) The NZ minister is apparently reconsidering legislation around medicinal use. He is attending an upcoming meeting of ministers in Australia, to look at their law changes.. BUT he gave no commitment that it would lead to any substantive changes here. Only Sativex is legally available & requires ministerial approval. It is still not funded by the Govt. agency & costs approved patients over $1000/month

I recently downloaded an updated map of cannabis’ legal status around the world. There are still many countries marked, as ‘illegal’ (including Aotearoa/NZ) BUT about half have either; legalised med-use, legalised personal use, ‘decriminalised’ use or it is illegal but rarely enforced (turn a blind eye). I still note that amongst all the other designations, NZ is still marked as ILLEGAL !
I find it fascinating that amongst the ‘western countries’ NZ has some of the strictest laws.. BUT according to UN reports, has amongst the highest levels of use & arrests. What does that really tell you ? :/

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