‘Roaring Lions’ busted

I read that 4 ‘Roaring Lions’ at a 420 protest were arrested. Police swooped after a group of about 20 people openly smoked the drug in a public park, in Whangarei (Northland). The report says that initially the groups three leaders were arrested, but then police searched other people present & found some cannabis in another persons bag. This fourth person was also arrested.
btw; the term ‘Roaring Lion’ was used to refer to a person in court, who ‘ROARED’ & protested against their arrest.. often demanding a jury trial.. but, now often means just loud protests & public advocates. 🙂

Geez, I’m guessing the arresting officers (3) were happy to add these to their ‘important crime stats.’ for the day ? 😦

I keep hearing that the priority (target) is to bust mainly ‘ring leaders’ & political activists.. ‘Divide & Conquer’ !

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