Breach of Human Rights

In Aotearoa/NZ the moves to reform cannabis laws.. is effectively going nowhere fast; BUT one thing I have been reading on other sites: Is prohibition actually a breach of our basic human rights ?

I often heard that the USA constitution (which many western nations, take their guides from) talks about the right to: ‘Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness‘. Cannabis prohibition (to my mind) potentially contravenes the last two, but especially the Pursuit of Happiness !

It also denies a basic Freedom of Choice.. demanding that we can only consume Alcohol or Tobacco (legal Drugs). The common misconception is that cannabis is illegal, because it is supposedly ‘More Harmful’ BUT the reality is the opposite. Many 1000s die annually around the world from these legal Drugs & other prescription ones (opiates etc.). 😦

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One Response to Breach of Human Rights

  1. The war on drugs is a war on human rights.

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