I woke up early & put the local talk-back radio on. One man rang up & said he was disgusted at the way this NZ Govt. was treating Ms. Kelly (cancer patient who admitted using cannabis oil). The host said he agreed, but then went on to disagree that it is time to legalise personal use, for the following reasons:

1) We need to keep it from young people..
I agree, but that it not an excuse to stop adults using it.

2) That there are numerous scientific studies that prove, ‘marijuana smoking’ causes brain damage…
Again he used the slang name. I wonder if he been watching ‘reefer madness’ & thinks it credible ?
He should say which report he is quoting from, to confirm his ‘story’.

3) That cannabis has NEVER been legal in NZ & should never be so…
Totally incorrect, prior to 1927 there were no laws against the plant. It wasn’t until the passing of the ‘Misuse of Drugs act 1975’ that criminal arrests became ‘the standard practice’ with possession.

4) One caller said that a report stated that Alcohol was much more harmful than cannabis. The host said; BUT alcohol is legal & do we really want to legalise another harmful drug ?
What about freedom of choice. What about people who are allergic to alcohol, are they therefore prevented from using any ‘recreational drugs’ ?

I can only say that it is this sort of media drivel that keeps a portion of the uninformed public, completely ignorant of the facts. I actually wonder whether this host (& others) are being funded to push this nonsense (by whom) ? 😦

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