MS patient – BUSTED

I read a report that a NZ Multiple Sclerosis patient, who has been ‘self medicating’ with cannabis to relieve her symptoms.. was busted for cultivating her own medicine. The person said the pharmaceutical drug she was prescribed, left her unable to see, walk or speak properly at times.

Police found 11 cannabis plants growing in her veggie garden. She said that she took responsibility for breaking the law.

The Judge apparently struggled to find an appropriate sentence, as the defendants medical condition excluded the option of community work.

The judge told the defendant that it was “clear that you suffer from a serious medical condition and that you have used the cannabis for medical purposes” and said he was “satisfied that a fine is the appropriate outcome“.
She was fined $500 to be paid within seven days.

Personally.. I am disgusted that the Judge could not throw the case out & discharge her without conviction. It was clear that this was not a case of someone breaking the (outdated) law for personal use & it was a genuine medicinal use.

SHAME on the Police & the Judge for making a sick person, suffer further !! đŸ˜¦

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