Frontlines Med-use

It has been widely reported in Aotearoa/NZ that one of our most honoured Cricketers; Martin Crowe passed away recently from Cancer (Lymphoma) at age 53. Soon after his death.. a close friend released a story to the media, that he was self-medicating with ‘liquid marijuana’ (cannabis).

Crowe’s friend gave the following statement to a major NZ newspaper:

“He had been diagnosed with follicular lymphoma a couple of years previously but appeared to be in remission, cleared, until the cancer returned, in the virulent terminal form of double-hit lymphoma,”

“The apparently hale nature of his condition was a camouflage. When he was awake, he said, he did indeed feel good, but rather than undergoing yet more chemotherapy he was by then self-medicating with liquid marijuana and sleeping 15 hours a day. Happy hours though, he said.”

This comes after the reports earlier this year of Helen Kelly (ex-Union Boss) who is still in treatment for Lung Cancer & she publically admitted using ‘illegal Cannabis Oil’ to relieve pain & nausea from chemotherapy.

I read that due to these ‘high profile’ cases coming to light, the Govt. Minister responsible for Drug laws is reviewing the current policies. He was reportedly at a forum in Australia, discussing the matter with his Australian counterparts.. who recently passed legislation to allow medicinal cannabis to be grown & manufactured there. It is starting to look like the NZ Govt. can no longer continue to ‘just sweep it under the carpet’ OR ‘bury their heads in the sand.. hoping it will all just go away‘. (as they have been in recent years)

I await further updates.. :/

Rest in Peace, Martin

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