Call for Debate

The leader of a ‘minor’ right-wing (ACT) party, has announced a call for a debate on ‘Drugs & Gangs’ in Aotearoa/NZ. The Police minister recently said that ‘something needs to be done’.. BUT apparently is averse to any talk of Drug law reform, which is the main source of their funds. The ACT party leader made the following comments:

“I’m just astonished that there are certain things that you are not allowed to talk about under this government,” he said.

“..when asked about controlling gangs, I mused that well the fact is that much of their funding comes from the fact they are specialist organisations in evading law enforcement and supplying people with illicit drugs and that is where gangs get a lot of their funding and as a result of me saying that, all hell broke loose. I just think, on a range of topics we should be able to have constructive debates.”

“Most New Zealanders regard there being an enormous distinction between cannabis which can be harmful and drugs such as ‘P’ (Meth) which are enormously harmful. It is a shame that the minister of police goes into panic mode and reverse gear at high-speed as soon as there is mention of such an issue because this is precisely the sort of thing that is in her power to investigate and have inform decision making. You get paid a pretty good salary to be an MP and I think you should be prepared to ask hard questions and confront tough issues.”

Mr. Seymour (The ACT leader) said if the Government’s serious, it should be looking at gangs’ revenue streams. He said their specialisation is circumventing the prohibition of illegal drugs. But Police Minister isn’t a fan of the idea.

The Police Minister said; “We’re strongly opposed to the current illegal drugs being legalized, and if I take something like methamphetamine, that would have to be one of the most dangerous drugs known at the moment in terms of addiction, addiction rates and difficulty of getting off it.”

Mr. Seymour responded; “I just think it’s disappointing that a prominent politician like (the Police minister), who’s fashioned her reputation on being willing to take on hard issues, is not prepared to be open-minded about this one and look around the world at what’s happening.”

**I was happy to hear these comments from Mr. Seymour (ACT leader, in coalition with the current Govt.), but was not surprised at the Police minister’s responses. This right-wing Govt. seem to be committed to the outdated, ongoing, narrow-minded; Prohibition & the WAR on DRUGS.. as their only option ! đŸ˜¦

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