just say NO.. Nancy

I see on the news that Mrs.”Just say NO !” Nancy Reagan has passed away.
Reminded me of the song from ‘Wizard of Oz’ that many Brits were singing when ex-UK PM Thatcher passed.. “Ding Dong, the Witch is dead !”

Whilst I’m certain that Nancy, was seen by many as a ‘good woman’.. to others she was at the front & reinvigorated Nixon’s WAR on DRUGS.. with her “Just say NO” message. How could anyone take her seriously.. when she apparently took the advice of ‘Fortune-tellers’ & passed this onto Pres. Ronny !

It’s fascinating; that I did read, that in their days in Hollywood & later as a state Governor.. Ronny & Nancy were widely rumoured to partake in a ‘little reefer‘ too :/

Well in closing.. all I can say “Another one (prohibitionists) bites the dust.. ”
RIP Nancy.. BUT “Good riddance” 🙂

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