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I read a couple more news items on cannabis laws:

1) an American Lady imported medicinal cannabis into Aotearoa/NZ & avoided prosecution.
The report says.. ‘(the lady), who has complex chronic pain syndrome, was facing five charges of possession of cannabis oil and other products.
She was also charged with importing cannabis products, including medicated chocolate, a conviction for which could have resulted in an eight-year jail term. However, her lawyer was able to use a clause in the Misuse of Drugs Act to argue the law allows exemptions, when the drug is prescribed overseas, for up to one month’s supply. (the lady), who is from California, had obtained a medical prescription for the cannabis product when she was visiting family. She later posted herself the cannabis chocolate to her Nelson address.’

‘A judge in Nelson this week discharged (the lady) without conviction on all charges.’

Her Lawyer made the following comments: “A person, may, while entering or leaving New Zealand, possess a controlled drug that’s required for treating a medical condition, of the person – or of a person in their care or control – if the quantity of the drug is no more than one month of supply and it’s lawfully supplied to the person overseas and supplied for the purpose of treating a medical condition.”

She said “her clients’ cannabis was legally prescribed overseas by a doctor, it was a proper medicated product and, if brought back to New Zealand by (the lady), it seems it would have fallen within the law’s one month exemption.”

Her lawyer said “the whole purpose of the Misuse of Drugs Act was to protect people against dangerous things, but the medical issue was completely different, with different considerations.”

“The way I read it, it’s quite a simple job for parliament, or the minister, to reschedule medicinal drugs and make it so much easier for people to access them when they need them.”

** This could well set a precedent for law reform & I wonder whether there could be further ‘test cases’ on this matter ?

2) The widow of a deceased media personality admitted this week that he had used cannabis (illegal) medicinally in his final days.

The report made the following comments:

‘The Broadcaster turned to marijuana for pain relief in the weeks before he died, his widow has revealed. He died in 2013, after battling heart problems and the return of prostate cancer. His name joins those of other well-known New Zealanders who have lent support to the cause.’

(His widow) told NZME. (He) was not a drug user but “in the final weeks it was the one thing that could give him peace and comfort“.
He was allergic to morphine and the alternative concoction of drugs “sent him off to la la land”, she said.

*Hopefully this will further sway the current Govt. to action ? :/

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