Flip-flop opinion

I listened to talkback radio last night.. in light of the revelations that a recently deceased, top cricketer & a deceased media personality, had used illegal cannabis to relieve their pain, just prior to death.. the main topic was; should Aotearoa/NZ relax cannabis laws (spec. Medicinal) ?

1) The majority of callers said that they do support medicinal cannabis law reform. Many went on to admit that they would also support recreational use too.

2) One guy said that he did not really like cannabis, but agreed that prohibition was costing the society, more than the actual ‘harm’ of the drugs; both financially & in the effects of criminalising users. He said he had worked in a prison & had seen first-hand, young people becoming much worse.. due to being locked up with ‘hardened criminals’.

3) One person said that many drug users, currently in prison.. should be in treatment for their addiction & mental illness issues etc. BUT in the last couple of decades, that laws have moved more towards criminalising them.

4) One young lady (Uni student) said that, cannabis was widely available at campus parties (alongside alcohol) BUT said clearly that most students know that alcohol is the more harmful, but due to the ‘illegality’ of cannabis, many tended to overdo their alcohol consumption !

5) One man rang up & said he is ‘TOTALLY OPPOSED to law reform’.. he said it would cause, a massive spike in use & was REALLY concerned that there would be a huge spike in ‘stoned drivers’. He went on to say that alcohol can be tested by roadside police ‘booze buses’ but cannabis can not. (WRONG) When I hear people like this.. I often wonder; if they are Police officers or other members of the ‘prohibition industry’.. who have the most to lose, if the laws are changed !

** It was interesting the reaction of the talk-back host, who admitted that he was ‘flip-flopping’ on his views.. saying he could see both sides. He said the main issue, is that many pro-law reformers are ‘pushing an agenda’ & are often down-playing the ‘harmful effects’. BUT as the show went on, he stated that he no longer thought that ‘decriminalisation’ would cause huge changes.. most people who want to use cannabis, probably already are. He said that law reform similar to alcohol, could make it less available to youth (regulation).. ‘maybe a good thing’ :/

It seems that the ‘conservative views’ of mainstream NZ are changing.. similar to many other countries (that already have changed their cannabis laws).. BUT.. are the politicians changing/listening.. plainly NO, they just keep the blinkers on OR keep their heads ‘buried in the sand’ (Ostriches) 😦

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