Positive Medicinal outcome

I read that a UK Cannabis Pharmaceutical research company, has successfully treated children suffering ‘Dravet syndrome’/epilepsy.. with a new high content CBD (cannabidiol) extract called : ‘Epidiolex’. This is one of the drugs that was discussed (but ruled out) to treat a teenager in NZ (who since past away) suffering epileptic seizures. btw; Elixinol (another CBD oil) was approved at the last-minute, but failed to have the desired outcome.

I read that the company is now in talks with the USA regulators for statutory approval, for this drug to treat this sort of illness.
The report stated :
‘(the company spokesperson) said a clinical trial showed its Epidiolex drug had significantly reduced seizures in patients with Dravet syndrome, a type of epilepsy for which there are currently no treatments approved in the US, compared to a placebo. In the trial of 120 patients, those taking Epidiolex saw a reduction of monthly convulsive seizures of 39% compared with 13% for a placebo, which (the company) said was highly statistically significant.’

followed by, this statement.. ‘The positive outcome of this Phase 3 trial is a significant milestone in the development of Epidiolex as a potential new treatment for patients suffering from Dravet syndrome. We are excited about the potential for Epidiolex to become the first [US Food and Drug Administration] approved treatment option specifically for Dravet syndrome patients and their families.’

* I am also pleased, to hear that research is having positive medicinal outcomes, BUT I wonder how long, sick patients will have to wait (suffer & possibly die) whilst all the bureaucratic red-tape is cut through ?

I would highlight that Aotearoa/NZ, is supposedly ‘following overseas developments’ BUT I think a snail could move faster than the current Govt. on approval for cannabis/extracts/medicines ! 😦

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