Reefer MADNESS strikes.. again

I read a report from a British newspaper, that ‘Reefer Madness’ is apparently still ‘alive & well’. It states that a man stabbed his mother 18 times.. supposedly brought on by mental illness ‘triggered’ by cannabis use. The report says :

‘Leicester crown court heard how (the man) stabbed his mum 18 times.’
‘A man knifed his mother 18 times after spiralling into mental illness following cannabis use. (the man), 23, attacked (his mother) with a kitchen knife as she watched TV at their home, while telling her “You’re Nathan”, a court heard.’

‘Two psychiatrists’ reports said he had schizophrenia linked to smoking cannabis two years ago. (the man) was sentenced to an indeterminate hospital order after a jury found he had stabbed his mother.’

The Judge attacked politicians fighting for legalisation: “Cannabis seems to be an explanation for his behaviour, which the Liberal Democrats don’t seem to understand.”

* I have read & seen some of the old stories/film footage (from 1930-50s) which alleged that ‘Cannabis CAUSED insanity/mental illness’ BUT this was often discredited, by many doctors saying (paraphrase) ‘That some people who were already suffering mental illness or were predisposed to it, also used cannabis.. BUT there is NOT any causal link to its use. It was accepted that it MAY have been a contributing factor to the onset of these conditions’

** The ‘classic case’ was the story of a young man, who apparently killed his whole family with an axe whilst high on ‘marihuana’ (reported by Harry Anslinger, first USA FBN chief – 1930s-60s) in his now infamous ‘Gore Files’. BUT Anslinger ‘forgot’ to include the part, that the man had been suffering Schizophrenia for years, prior to the incident. The other thing often ‘under-reported’ is the majority of ‘drug-related’ violence & murder is attributed to ALCOHOL, not Cannabis !

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