Police priority

I have been reading & hearing information on ‘crime stats.’ & what seems to be the top priority of NZ Police. I hear that over 90% of ‘break & enter’ house burglaries are going unresolved (often unreported). Many shop keepers are complaining, that Police say they are too busy to attend, when thieves steal their products OR they arrive about half an hour after the event. I hear that Methamphetamine production & use is climbing exponentially.. BUT cannabis is ‘in a drought’.. recent report of RNZAF (airforce) helicopters flying around the country, ‘assisting’ Police operations to find cannabis plants; 9,000 recently pulled up in the South Island.

SO.. it seems that the main focus of NZ Police is not REAL crime.. but a ‘victim-less crime’ the ‘WAR on WEED !’.. I read that many users are ‘complaining of recent cannabis droughts in Aotearoa/NZ’ & some are again, turning to the synthetics 😦

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2 Responses to Police priority

  1. ShereeKrider says:

    I live in the U.S., and I, too, see the same issues here. The “drug war” is really just now in full bloom since legalization antics broaden across the Globe. The real issue at hand is the fact that drug law has to be changed or repealed from the top down because it is all tied in with the U.N. Convention on Narcotic Drugs 1961, and the global Agenda 21. If you have heard many candidates in the U.S. who speak about Marijuana law and decriminalization, you will notice every once in a while, ever so softly, they will utter under their breath that they have to remain in compliance with U.N. Treaties which are in force. New Zealand is also a member, effective 1945 to this “Agenda”. So, in actuality, even though individual States in the U.S. are “legalizing” Marijuana and other Countries have as well, that Federally it must remain illegal to comply with U.N. Treaties. Herein lies the problems. This is why I promote REPEAL of “drug law” from the U.N. down. I have written a couple of articles explaining the situation to the best of my ability. I invite you to read and follow the links and research the situation at hand and then do the best you can to forewarn those you can reach of this issue. ALL plants and the regulation of them must be repealed at the U.N. level in order to save not only our Cannabis/Hemp plants but all of our plants and food. Left unchecked, this Beast will ultimately have total control over everything you consume in any form or fashion.



    I am also the author on kentuckymarijuanaparty.com and usmarijuanaparty.net .

    • Zedd says:

      Kia Ora Sheree (hello)

      thx for your comment, yes I am totally aware that most of the world is still bound by the UN convention. BUT in April, the UNGASS on Drugs (review of global drug laws) is occurring & I await any news of possible changes. I have read that there is a major push to at least ‘decriminalise’ personal use. I personally think they should go with the words ‘Legally Regulate’ (similar to alcohol) then cannabis could be licensed to be grown & sold/taxed, as is happening in Colorado etc.

      Aotearoa/NZ has amongst the highest use rates (according to UNODC (UN office drugs & crime) in the world.. BUT we also have equally high arrest rates too, per capita. I downloaded a map, showing cannabis laws around the world; nearly every ‘western country’ has some level of law reform going on already.. BUT here in NZ, its still effectively ‘Zero-tolerance’, except the med-use of sativex only, although there are rumors in the wind, that change is ‘on the horizon’.. we shall see… I have heard it all before.
      Take Care & “keep up the good fight !” 🙂

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