Customs will break law ?

I read that Aotearoa/NZ customs are intending to break the law (loophole to allow Medicinal cannabis prescribed overseas) & intend to seize any cannabis or products brought across the border, for such purposes. The minister responsible has been asked to ‘please explain’ ?

The Leader of the Cannabis party, made the following observations :

‘Section 8(2)(l)(iii) of the Misuse of Drugs Act allows travellers to bring natural cannabis buds or cannabis derived products into New Zealand if it was lawfully obtain overseas for treating a medical condition.’

‘However, Customs have said they will continue to seize cannabis “even if it is disclosed on the arrivals form, is lawfully obtained overseas, was supported by a medical prescription and is for a months supply or less.”

‘The Cannabis Party leader said Customs now had no choice but to back down and let medical cannabis into the country.’

“Unless the Section 8(2)(l)(iii) exemption is recognised by Customs, they will be operating from an illegal position and will be liable to be prosecuted in court,” he said.

“The Misuse of Drugs Act binds the Crown. Therefore it binds Crown agencies like Customs as well.”

* It’s fascinating that the Assoc. minister of health (resp. Drug Policy) backed down & admitted the loophole was genuine & even said their was no intention (in the immediate future) to close it.. BUT it seems the Customs minister is taking the opposite view (zero-tolerance ?) 😦

** This ‘loophole’ has always existed in the MODA laws, but it has only been with the advent of changes occurring in overseas legislation, that it has really ‘come to light’.

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