Med-use update

I just watched a brief news item on a TV current affairs show. The item was about the lady who was recently; discharged without conviction, after sending chocolate, containing a cannabis extract through the mail from USA to Aotearoa/NZ.

The lady said that she suffers chronic pain & was prescribed cannabis (in USA) as a relief. She then said she had sent several packages, before one was finally seized & police searched her property & charged her with the ‘offences’. Her lawyer picked up the story & said that she confirmed that there is (always has been) a ‘loophole’ in the law. The case was upheld by the judge & he discharged her. This could potentially see patients arriving in NZ, with prescribed cannabis (up to one months worth) & legally they should be able to bring it across the border & into the country, once they declare it & show the appropriate paperwork. So far this is the only case that has come to light, in the media. The lady said she is hoping that one day soon, she could be the first person in NZ to legally ‘light up’ some cannabis that she brought in, to treat her medical condition. We shall see…

The story closed with the two TV hosts briefly discussing it (NZ is one of the last western countries to move, on amending the laws around med-use) One of them, was giggling like a school kid, at the prospect. This just shows that SOME kiwis just need to GROW UP about this issue ! :/

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