Desperate measures

I read that an Australian father was placed on a two-year good behaviour bond, but discharged without conviction.. after being charged for giving his two-year-old daughter; cannabis oil in her food, to ‘treat’ her aggressive stomach cancer.

The girl’s mother became suspicious & confronted him, as to why her food smelt & tasted funny. The man had apparently researched the subject & ordered the drug, on the internet & wanted to delay chemotherapy. The report mentions the following:

‘The court heard the drug had neither a harmful nor beneficial effect on the child other than increasing her appetite and making her sleepy.’

‘(The Judge) said what the father did was “wrong and illegal” and he couldn’t have known what effect the cannabis oil would have on his daughter, what was in the oil or how it would react to her other medications.’

‘However, he did hold a genuine belief that it would help her and he said he appreciated the desperation of a parent with a child suffering from a life-threatening cancer.’

And this : ‘As he left court, the father was cheered by supporters of medicinal marijuana and told reporters he was “glad it was over” and was looking forward to seeing his daughter.’

‘The father’s case attracted national attention after he was arrested in front of a Brisbane hospital last year and fuelled debate over the legalisation of medicinal marijuana.’

* I am also pleased to hear that the man did not receive a conviction. This case just highlights what measures people will go to help the pain & suffering of their loved ones. It is ‘high-time’ that the blinkers were removed, that potentially could have seen the man sentenced to a jail term !? :/

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