Environmental damage

I just watched a TV doco. called ‘Trashed’ about the major global issues, around pollution; mostly caused by inorganic plastics & dioxins in the Environment.

The program highlighted the facts: a ‘soupy layer’ in the world’s oceans, made up of small particles of plastics. Also huge amounts of plastic bottles, bags etc. floating on the surface. These are being eaten by sea mammals & fish.. leaching into the global food-chain.
Another ‘initiative’ in recent times is to burn the rubbish in landfills, at high temperature & produce electricity. BUT the gas being expelled into the atmosphere contains poisonous ‘Dioxins’ that have been linked to cancers & birth defects. They also mentioned that these dioxins have been used to make ‘Agent Orange’ etc. – defoliants used in the Vietnam War.. still apparently causing health issues in their population, decades later.

The program stated that, humans have always ‘dumped their rubbish’ into landfill & the water.. BUT in the last 100-150 years the nature of this rubbish has changed from mostly organic to INORGANIC (based on fossil fuels etc.). organic waste rots/breaks down.. inorganic does not !

This reminded me of the ‘so-called conspiracy theory’; that many of the world’s products were once made from HEMP & similar plants. Then a bunch of ‘money hungry’ industrialists & their powerful friends got together & introduced ‘The MARIHUANA tax act 1937’ that put a sudden halt to it ! 😦

This could be linked directly to the potential death of ‘Mother Earth’.. along with everything living on her.. if something is not done to reverse it very soon. :/

** Unfortunately ignoring it (burying heads in the sand) will not make it go away !!!

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