Parliament Q-time

I watch NZ parliament-TV, on a fairly regular basis.. today, Question #9 was from the Greens Health spokesperson to the Govt. Assoc. Health minister:

“What steps will he be taking to ensure New Zealand drug laws are still fit for purpose given the recent findings by Johns Hopkins University and a British medical journal, The Lancet that the punitive approach to drug offending has done more harm than good ?”

The minister talked about moving toward viewing drug use as a Health Issue.. BUT still would see Law enforcement as part of it.

There was a few more ‘supplementary’ questions in a similar line.. which concluded with the minister saying he was willing to be part of a ‘cross-party, working group’ to review the current laws. BUT he seemed hesitant to ‘decriminalise’ cannabis.

In light of UNGASS, (Int’l Drug policy) coming up in April.. we (in the movement) are all crossing our fingers that, this sets the agenda for genuine law reforms (End of the DRUG WAR ?) in the near future :/

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