Kneejerk opposition

I read another press release from the Green Health spokesperson.. responding to comments by the Govt. Minister; referring to them as ‘knee jerk’ & ‘out of step’. It also seems that the Police union are leaning towards law reform, in opposition to this Govt.

An extract from the release & statements of the Green Health spokesperson:
‘Health Minister (name removed) knee jerk opposition to changing the legal status of cannabis is out of step with the Police Association and a growing international consensus that current drug laws aren’t working

‘The Police Association this morning said updating our drug laws could be a way of reducing gang crime. This followed a major review by the Lancet and Johns Hopkins University that found that the world-wide ‘war on drugs’ has caused more harm than good.’

“(the Minister) is totally out of step with what the world-wide evidence shows is needed to keep people safe, and what the Police, the Law Commission, treatment agencies and many others say is the reality on the ground,”

“This shows the need for Parliament to come together in a non-partisan approach to reducing the harm of drugs, through law reform focussed first on public health.”

“Drug law reform would help tackle organised crime by removing a source of revenue, while also reducing harm to people who use drugs.”

“By not listening to those who work in the sector and know the issues, (the Minister) is not working in the interests of the health and wellbeing of New Zealanders. It also runs the risk that the Misuse of Drugs Act will become another law that reflects the fossilised attitudes of the past, and hinders rather than helps treatment and enforcement agencies” said the Green spokesperson

* ‘music to my ears’.. I look forward to further developments.. BUT I heard on the radio this morning, that ‘Law Reform is not on the near horizon’ BUT there is the old saying ‘Its always darkest.. before the dawn

** methinks that ‘Reefer madness’ has morphed into ‘Drug WAR madness’ ! 😦

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