kiwi farmer in Colorado

I watched a current affairs program last evening.. a kiwi farmer has moved to Colorado & setup as a licensed cannabis grower/dealer. He has several grow rooms full of plants. He also has a preparation & packaging area (employing staff) & has several shops on the ‘Green Mile’ in Denver.

He said it shows a model of what could happen in Aotearoa/NZ, IF the Govt. got of the prohibitionist ‘high horse’.

There was raw buds & other products (chocolates etc) available for both medicinal & recreational use (R21).

They also interviewed a drug counsellor, who was happy with the Med-use, but opposed to Rec-use.. saying ‘these guys get rich.. whilst others get addicted’

The kiwi guy said originally he was indifferent to rec-use BUT now thinks it definitely the better option (as opposed to Prohibition) * I agree

The program host said that one of his shops has about 1200 customers per day.. regulated & taxable ! 🙂

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