Growing your own medicinal herbs:

If you like the idea of seed saving, maybe the banks can also send these details to their contacted patients etc.

1) get either a plant pot or few.. OR maybe a grow bag (about 8-10 inch diameter) fill with either bought potting mix or soil from the garden, with plenty of organic material & worms (if possible)

2) you can just plant & hope for best or: get a small chinese takeaway sealable container, place some damp tissue the bottom; add a few seeds, cover (more tissue) & further moisten.. then seal & put in hot water cupboard or other warm place.

3) 4-5 days later check to see if germination has occurred. If the seeds have grown a ‘white tail’ then YES !

4) plant one or two in each pot (about half to one inch down) & water.. make sure completely covered up

5) put pots in sun (out of public site) & ensure they are watered.. keep an eye out for ‘blue meanies’ or low flying helicopters

5a) often best to pinch out tips once they are about 30cm tall to make them shorter & bushier.. more smaller budz

6) after 4-6 months they should start budding..

** I can only say this politely; do NOT supply the prepared herb to anyone (esp. under 18 years) the ‘blue meanies’ don’t like it !! 😦

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