Seed saving

I was sifting through some herbs recently & noticed a few seeds (quite rare these days).. which are easily collected & saved, as long as they are dry, green or brown (not white).. this could be the start of a new industry:

I’m calling on all ‘weed parties’ & lobby groups to setup a ‘seed saving bank’ : where individuals can send their ‘saved seeds’ & people/patients can write to them & show age proof (R18 or above) & if they get a letter from a GP; they can send in an envelope with return address & stamp. The seed bank can then send them about 10-20 viable seeds for med-use (just an idea), to grow their own medicine (esp. in countries like Aotearoa/NZ where prohibition is still effectively in progress) or if agreed; maybe 5-6 sent to adults requesting for personal or spiritual use..grow their own mixed herbs.. ensures a good variety also

This will likely reduce the illegality by not posting the actual plant material, through the mail, as I hear some med-groups do now. The only obvious difference being: time

just 10c worth… 😀

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