NZ Drug harm index

I recently downloaded a report from the Ministry of Health, titled: The New Zealand Drug Harm index 2016

Here are a few points:

1) The estimated social costs of drug-related harms & intervention costs in 2014/15 was $1.8billion

2) The drugs are grouped accordingly: Amphetamine-type stimulants, Cannabinoids, Hallucinogenic & psychedelic drugs, Opioids & sedative drugs

3) No where is ALCOHOL or TOBACCO mentioned, in the list. Meaning the focus is purely on ‘illegal/illicit’ drugs

4) The figures appear to be arbitrary: eg personal harm rates for Amphetamines & Cannabis as the same.. but in ‘total social harm’ cannabis is 3.5 times higher. Likely meaning that they see ‘Meth’ & ‘weed’ as much the same, but 3.5 times as many people use cannabis.. total B-S sez I&I

I have only briefly skimmed through it, but it seems that they are just trying to use very big figures (based on black-market seizures) to justify that the ‘prohibition industry’ are ‘reducing harm’.. BUT the reality (IMHO) is that PROHIBITION is the main driver of ‘organised crime’ & this is the CAUSE of most ‘Drug-related harm’ (illegal) in Aotearoa/NZ.. ie the totally unregulated & untaxed BLACK-MARKET

The fact that they excluded the two most harmful drugs based on stats.; deaths, hospital admissions etc. ALCOHOL & TOBACCO shows how one-sided this whole issue has become. Their focus is on HIGHLIGHTING illegal/illicit drugs as HARMFUL.. but are effectively saying.. the “legal drugs are not” !? 😦

I see in the report, there is a chart that shows supposed harm of ‘legal & illegal’ drugs & includes Alcohol (#1), Meth (#4), Tobacco (#6) & Cannabis (#8).. but this chart appears on page 8.. taken from a review in 2010 !

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