Medicinal LSD

I watched a brief news item; researchers are looking into the possible medicinal use of LSD. Many people see LSD (Lysergic acid-diethylamide) as an illegal hallucinogenic/psychoactive drug BUT it was originally identified in the 1930s & was trialed in the 1940-50s as a treatment for mental illness. During the 1960s the ‘hippy generation’ took to experimenting/using it to ‘take the trip’.

The news item, I watched showed that ‘test subjects’ were administered a specific dose & then placed in a brain scanner to monitor the results. The image taken with a placebo showed the ‘fairly standard brain activity’.. BUT with LSD, their images were greatly changed.. very active.
It seems that the old medicinal reports from 1940-50s are being dusted off & updated ?

I look forward to further updates..

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