Interview – kiwi Pot farmer

A while ago, I wrote about a recent news story; a NZ ex-dairy farmer has moved to Colorado & has setup as a cannabis grower/farmer. Last evening, Radio NZ played a recent interview with him. The following issues were discussed:

1) he currently employs about 500 people in his industry. About half are University graduates.. including a few PhDs
2) they are doing research (R&D) into cannabis products (Medicinal & other uses)
3) dispelling the ‘myths’; many users were already using cannabis prior to law changes. There has not been the anticipated ‘massive spike’ in use
4) contrary to the allegations, that the majority of cannabis users are ‘youth’.. he stated that the average age of their customers is 42 years
5) since regulation.. the smoking of cannabis has decreased, in favour of ‘Vaping’ & other ‘oral ingestion options’ (in chocolates etc.)
6) unlike the black-market, they know the quality of their product : THC level etc. They have total control over the process
7) The Colorado Police, apparently prefer the current situation.. they can focus on REAL crime, specifically the ‘drug-related harm’ caused by ALCOHOL
8) he stated that Police report that, if there is an issue about ‘DRUGS’ it is often Alcohol related; violence & riots etc. rarely is cannabis an issue
9) their growing operation is done in a warehouse/clean room & is effectively 100% pest-free & organic
10) he reported that their operation is divided into Medicinal supply (1/3) & Recreational use (2/3) & strictly controlled (Age restrictions etc.)

* Mr. Lord said that Aotearoa/NZ should consider looking to a similar legal system for cannabis.. BUT I’m not holding my breath; whilst this current ‘zero-tolerance’ Govt. is in power ! 😦

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