Released on Home detention

I just watched a TV current affairs show about :

1) A mother of three ; sentenced to 2 years jail for possession.. due to the quantity (over 28 grams) the presumption being that she was a dealer. She stated that she grew a couple of plants (very large) to have enough for her personal use over 12 months. At the original trial she did plead ‘Not guilty’ to supply.. BUT at her retrial, she did plead GUILTY.. just to get it over & done with. Now on home detention (5 months).
There were several issues raised;
The misuse of drugs act 1975 is well passed its ‘use by date’ (41 years old).
The politicians still ‘umming & arring’ about whether the law is ‘fit for purpose’.
The presumptions that over 28 grams is for supply.
The general presumption that anyone caught.. is guilty unless proven innocent !
The inconsistency in sentencing: egs. a foreign couple who grew about 6kg & were discharged without conviction & a woman who grew over 150 plants, got 12 months home detention.

2) They followed this up with a discussion on the upcoming UNGASS on Drugs (19-21 April), with 2 people now in New York to attend it.
They said there are still some countries that are pushing the status quo.. BUT there does appear to be a ‘mood for change’. It should be seen through a health issue lens NOT just law enforcement. We shall see ?

At the close of the program; a discussion panel of three commentators, were asked for their opinion. 2 said ‘time to decriminalise & 1 said ‘don’t rush to change & needs much more debate’ then went on about ‘the effects on society’ that sounded a bit like a rant from ‘Reefer madness’ !

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