UN General Assembly, Special Session to review Int’l Drug policy begins tomorrow.. 19-21 April (UNGASS) in New York. Whilst the word from NZ politicians is a ‘very softly, softly’ approach (with likely little or no real change).. I read & hear that other countries are intending to call for the ‘END of the WAR on DRUGS’. I even hear a rumor that Pres. Obama could be one of these voices ?

Methinks this could either be a ‘Ground breaker’ OR a ‘Wasted opportunity’ depending on who you choose to believe. watch this space.. we shall see :/

“What do we want ? LAW REFORM.. When do we want it ? NOW !!!!”
time to stand up & be counted people.. maybe organise a local protest (or 420) 🙂

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2 Responses to UNGASS week

  1. wayne says:

    from what i have been reading i think this will just be more noise than anything.the countries govts already know what is going to be said,these people would not be going to a meeting such as this blind,and they already know what the outcome will be.our country will not change until we change the govt running it,simple as that.even some of the members in the current elected govt will tell you that.i feel a bit sorry for that member who is having to deal with all this med stuff lately all they can do is say yes then no and as it was put “banter” what else can they do?when their party leader will not give them the nod

    • Zedd says:

      Cheers for the comment Wayne.. I accept that many Govts. are still stuck in the 20th century (effective zero-tolerance) BUT I hear there is a widespread mood for change.. In NZ it will likely require a change of Govt. BUT watch this space.

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