Cannabis is pharmaceutical ?

I read that the current NZ Assoc. Health minister (resp. Drug Policy) has claimed that cannabis IS pharmaceutical.. this effectively sounds like, he has completely ruled out the use of the raw plant, for any medicinal or therapeutic use/value. He stated on several occasions that he is ‘keeping an eye on developments in other similar OECD countries’ (paraphrased): Canada, USA, several in EU, Australia etc. who are all now, making the ‘raw herb’ available to patients who can benefit from it. BUT our minister has apparently said pharmaceutical extracts (currently only Sativex) & possibly others; if they meet his strict efficacy tests. Whilst I do agree that for genuine medicinal use, there does have to be proven standards.. why are these other countries not setting such I high bar.. OR why is our minister.. setting it SO high ?
Can it be that he has ‘deals’ going with a certain UK pharmaceutical company, that manufactures Sativex.. which currently costs approved patients in NZ over $1000/month (not funded by the Govt. agency & out of reach of many) !

I read the minister has made the following statements:

“In 24 US states it can be bought in its raw form from non-pharmaceutical dispensaries,”

“No pharmaceutical company will be able to patent cannabis in its natural form, making it unviable for them.”

“if cannabis is to be used for medical purposes, it must be subject to the same testing processes as any other therapeutic pharmaceuticals. New Zealand also calls on the pharmaceutical industry to step up and invest more in its research and development of cannabis-based products.”

One commentator mentioned:
‘(The minister) has been influenced by the pharmaceutical lobby, which is the biggest lobby group fighting against legal cannabis.’

“Most New Zealanders wont be able to afford the millions of dollars required to bring a product to market,”

“Few pharma companies will want to invest in medical cannabis, given herbal medicines can’t be patented and medical cannabis competes with their existing drugs.”

This confirms my beliefs, that the minister has another agenda.. which runs contrary to these other countries, he claims to be ‘keeping an eye on’. Why is this Govt./minister refusing to allow cannabis to be grown & processed in Aotearoa/NZ for any purposes.. (except Industrial Hemp).. I think I smell a rat. 😦

The majority of cannabis in NZ is under strict orders.. (by the Police minister) to “seek & DESTROY”

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4 Responses to Cannabis is pharmaceutical ?

  1. w richardson says:

    the united states currently hold all patents regarding medical use and have done since they made it illegal,if the cannabis plant even hemp is broken done in any way and used as a medicinal product even as a tincture they have a patent.i dont know about pharma only that the govt had them and there was an awful lot of them.our govt wouldnt make any profit,or very little,if it was legalized for medicinal use but used as a pharmaceutical product it would make a great deal of profit.if it was legalized we would grow and make our own products at home all the govt would see is potting mix,fertilizer and a few other products.its sad when all the govt thinks about is profit not the population

    • Zedd says:

      If the USA holds all the patents, then how is that ‘Sativex’ is made by GW Pharm. (UK).. maybe its under license from USA ?

      One thing I do know, cannabis can be grown for almost no cost, but once processed costs $1000s.. someone is making a huge profit, besides the illegal black-market gangsters

      I just think the whole issue, is a huge grab for CASH, its not about giving relief to sick people !

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