Frontline dispatches

I hear that a ‘disturbing report’ has been released on ‘Meth/P’ use in Aotearoa/NZ. The report apparently shows that use rates are rising rapidly; BUT what can you expect when the Govt. ‘pulls the levers’ to allow the precursors, easier access.. customs searches are reducing & visa access is being eased. In addition, the drug focus in Aotearoa/NZ seems to be mainly on Cannabis cultivation & supply.. creating a drought !

I saw some footage from UNGASS, the NZ minister stated ‘we need to be bolder on R&D for medicinal use’ sounding like he is pushing for better access.. what a load of B-S. Aotearoa/NZ Govt. refuses to allow ‘raw herb’ for Med-use or other use. They seem to be saying ‘Pharmaceutical products ONLY’ The info. coming from UNGASS, sounds like change is on the agenda.. BUT is it just ‘feel good rhetoric’ ? :/

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