Mexican reforms

I see on the news, that Mexico is set to legalise Medicinal cannabis & increase the personal use amount from 5 grams to 28 (one ounce). Mexico has been at the forefront of USAs WAR on Drugs.. mostly cannabis, but also coca.

The report showed part of a press conference, where the president was saying that the prohibition law is causing more harm to the people; cartels & gangsters run large parts of the country. He also said that criminalisation of people for small amounts of cannabis, was more harmful to the individual than the use of the drug.
Agreed 100%.. “Viva la Revelucion !” 🙂

I have heard that Aotearoa/NZ law makers, have a view that 28 grams is the upper level for personal use too.. BUT you can still be busted in this country for ONE gram, prohibition still reigns; NOT OK !! 😦

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