Surprising support

I read a press release that ‘Grey Power NZ’ president (Aged support groups) have spoken out in support of Medicinal use of cannabis !

The reports states:

‘Grey Power’s national president has spoken in support of a Northland chapter promoting the legalisation of medicinal cannabis, despite it being one of the “more unusual” causes taken up by a local group.’

‘However, Grey Power federation president (name removed) stressed the national organisation did not yet have an official stance on medicinal cannabis and would take a science-based approach if the issue was to come before the board. But, he said, local chapters were entitled to take on their own causes.’

A spokesperson said:

‘Otamatea Grey Power members this week began lobbying politicians, with president (name removed) saying she had grown tired of seeing friends and family members suffer serious illness. She believed medicinal cannabis could benefit them. “We have a God-given right to use the plants that are available,” (spokesperson), 74, said.’

“Meanwhile, we’re exposed to fast food and alcohol outlets, with no nutrition and known to be harmful to our health.

‘Despite never having taken the drug herself, (name removed) said her interest in natural medicine spanned some 50 years.’

“It’s about having the choice,” Otamatea member (name removed) said. “We want to be able to have the choice of dying pain-free.”

‘The Otamatea chapter, which had about 43 members, had unanimously agreed to write to members of Parliament lobbying for cannabis to be legalised.’

The reason I was a little surprised to read this.. maybe my misunderstanding, that the majority of the ‘elderly people’ grew up being indoctrinated into the ‘zero-tolerance/prohibition’ approach to cannabis. Many recent polls show over 70% support, but looking at the age groups; those in the >60 years tend to NOT support cannabis use. Maybe some of these ‘Grey power folk’ are the aged hippies, from 1960s ?

I am very happy to hear this, change of attitude 🙂

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