UNGASS outcome ?

During this so-called; ‘once-in-twenty-year event’ I looked & listened for some news about whether any substantive change would occur.. it’s now been 5 days since it finished & I’m still looking & listening…

There were mixed signals in the lead-up:

1) several countries calling for the UN conventions to be ‘relaxed’ to allow cannabis ‘decriminalisation’ ; including personal, recreational use

2) calls for the death penalty to be removed from possible penalties.. even for Heroin dealing

3) clarification of the rules around medicinal use of cannabis.. allowed under the current conventions, BUT often overlooked or ignored

4) debate around regulation & taxable sales of cannabis; similar to Colorado etc. (not officially allowed under current conventions)

5) many voices seemed to agree that Nixon’s USA-led ‘WAR on DRUGS’ IS a failure & does need to be overturned/brought to an end

BUT so far.. just a deafening silence. I read in the lead up, that countries had to effectively commit to maintaining the standards in the current conventions.. which to me sounded like, there was really no plans for change, on the agenda !? 😦

I will keep my eyes & ears open.. watch this space folks

addendum: I watched a current affairs program late last evening, at the end; one of the reporters said he has just returned from UNGASS & they will be reporting on it next week !

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