NZ Minister on UNGASS

I just received a link to a post, of a speech by the NZ ‘Drug policy’ minister on UNGASS outcomes.. here are some of the ‘highlights’ (but, not the entire speech) :

‘…it is little surprise that more and more countries have come to recognise the failings of the “War on Drugs” which has merely seen the power of the international drug cartels increase and the suffering of innocent victims mount.’

‘The Outcome Document from UNGASS effectively buries the “War on Drugs” in favour of a greater focus on harm reduction and treating drugs as a public health issue.’

‘None of this should be taken to mean that international attitudes to drug misuse are softening, rather they are simply becoming more realistic.’

‘While drugs remain unacceptable and dangerous, the issue is how effectively to deal with the consequences. Simply perpetuating a system that sees the international drug syndicates become more powerful and more victims suffer unreasonable punishments for their addiction is as crazy as it is wrong. The system has to change.’

‘The National Drug Policy we released last year is widely hailed as forward-thinking. In particular the steps we are taking this year to review our elderly rules regarding drug paraphernalia, and the consideration to be given over the next couple of years to the balance between minor offending and criminal sentencing is applauded.’

‘So too is the recognition that these steps are likely to lead to a full review of our 1975 Misuse of Drugs Act.’

‘And our approach to making medicinal cannabis products available to those who genuinely need them, in an environment where popular noise and sentiment far outweighs hard scientific evidence as to safety and efficacy, is seen as pragmatic and sensible.’

‘While there is little doubt that reform is needed, bold reform is not reckless reform. We need sound reform based on steady, evidence based, balanced progress that can be sustained.’

‘Through our commitment to compassion, proportion and innovation as the core principles on future drug policy should be founded, New Zealand is well placed to make a constructive contribution to the international debate, alongside like-minded countries, and will continue to do so.’

** Whilst many of these statements seem, at first glance, quite reasonable.. they are to many kiwis, who know this Minister’s ‘track-record’ better.. PURE BLUFF & BLUSTER. He has stated that ‘leaf cannabis’ is not on this Govt. agenda for medicinal use.. pharmaceuticals ONLY. He has also effectively ruled out any relaxing of cannabis laws, for personal/recreational use (even decrim.) His comments about ‘a full review of our 1975 MODA’ is also pure B-S; the NZ Law Commission has already done this in 2011, BUT this Govt. did not like many of the recommendations & have effectively ignored/ruled out all the ‘radical changes’ they recommended.. in fact they tightened up some of the laws. He then went on to introduce the ‘Psychoactive Substance Act in 2013’ that regulated synthetic cannabinoids, but not natural herb or any drugs BANNED under the current MODA.. until there was a public outcry, which saw the law, changed to outlaw all the short-term regulated synthetic drugs. These synthetics are now back on sale, also via the black-market !

“We are not all fooled by your rhetorical, ‘feel good’ nonsense & BULLSHIT.. Minister” 😦

btw; here’s the link, if you want to read it all:

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2 Responses to NZ Minister on UNGASS

  1. w richardson says:

    i just heard something on the radio about(i could have the name wrong but this who they said made the comment)peter dunne,i hope i spelt it right,complaining that the police not having enough resources to fight crime.well if they stopped their war on marijuana maybe they would have enough resources to fight crime but then again the radio never mentioned what sort of crime.maybe there is more about this in some other article

    • Zedd says:

      P. Dunne; is the minister, resp. for Drug policy in NZ. He is all talk & no action on the ‘War on Drugs’.. refusing to ‘relax’ the laws. estimates are that about 25-35% of all police time & resources go into this folly/B-S. In the meantime over 80% of house robberies go unresolved ! 😦

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