Points of view

In light of the TV interview, with the Police/Corrections minister, I got into a ‘debate’ on another blog-site, who also had it as a topic. I ‘dared to suggest’ that decrim./regulation could be a solution.. ‘take it from the hands of Black-market gangsters/dealers’. One person who obviously disagreed (prohibitionist ?) made some comments that I can only say were ridiculous:

‘You’re right! Let the govt make money out of meth instead of the gangs, maybe even peddle it to kids Zedd ?’

I replied with this:
‘Seriously… what a load of CRAP.. who said anything about selling drugs to kids (except you) ?
btw; the black-market gangsters/dealers already sell to anyone with cash.. including kids.. legal regulation would be R18 ONLY.. “WAKE UP” !’

This was one of the comebacks, when I mentioned that RNZAF (Airforce) were helping Police fight the WAR on Drugs:
‘You always seem to ‘hear’ lots of things Zedd – remember, making up stuff doesn’t make it true.’

I replied: ‘I’ve actually seen photos (on the net) of RNZAF pilots with cannabis plants in hand.. I’m not ‘making anything up’

Then this reply:
‘Zedd: “BUT I hear that the Police are now, seconding RNZAF helicopter pilots to help search for Cannabis”.

‘Zedd: “I’ve actually seen photos (on the net) of RNZAF pilots with cannabis plants in hand”.

‘Must be one of those ‘talking photos’ then Zedd if you heard it………… ‘

** that makes no sense to I&I

I then finished with this:

I also ‘hear’ that those who staunchly oppose drug law reform, usually fit into one of these groups:
1) Prohibition Industry (Police, Courts, Customs, Corrections) who rely on prohibition for ‘job security’
2) Black-market Gangsters/dealers who stand to lose massive profits, if legal regulation occurs
3) Brainwashed/narrow-minded fools & don’t want to hear anything else.. even if, the evidence PROVES it creates more harm than it resolves.. (as it did with Alcohol in USA 1920s) remember Al Capone ?
4) Alcohol, Tobacco or Pharm. industries.. who currently have monopolies & don’t want further competition

* I’m guessing you’re in group #1 ? (BUT no reply !)

** everyone is entitled to their opinion.. BUT why ignore the rising tide of evidence; that the WAR on Drugs is a failure, unless you have a lot to lose ?

Several other people also seem to agree with my comments & most got more ‘thumbs up’ rather than down. :/

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