Employment in Mexico

I listened to BBC news overnight.. they were discussing ‘Employment’ in Mexico since 2008. This comes in light of USA ramping up the War on Drugs in Central & South America (whilst the USA ‘relaxes their own laws’).
The report stated that in some parts of Mexico, the Drug cartels (once, mostly Cannabis) are effectively running large areas of the country. Police officers act as PAID security officers & there is inter-cartel warfare. They said large numbers of Mexicans are ’employed’ in the illegal Drug trade: cultivation, processing & distribution.
Estimates are that the trade, is worth over $100 billion/year. This money is being funneled into house building projects, motor vehicle trade & many other businesses & parts of the society.

The other issue that was raised; that much of the cocaine & methamphetamine trade came from Colombia & other parts of South America. The USA have put greater priority on shutting down these supply routes, via the Caribbean. The routes have now moved through Mexico. It was also reported that Opium (for the Heroin trade) is now being also grown in Mexico.. previously, mostly from Asia. They also said that Coca/Cocaine & the precursor chemicals for ‘crystal meth’ are also now being cultivated or manufactured in Mexico.

The recent UNGASS on drugs, seemed to be calling out; that the War on Drugs has failed & yet in Mexico, it seems to be amongst their biggest ‘industries’ & still growing. There are even allegations that corruption/drug profits are likely lining the pockets of the authorities & the politicians too. As a result, any change is unlikely in the near future !

btw; another industry that is also massively expanding.. ARMS/guns & ammunition

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