yet another poll

I watched a follow-up this evening, on a TV current affairs show from yesterday; about 2 ladies with cancer, who are ‘thumbing their noses’ at the law & openly used cannabis Oil (on camera) to relieve their pain & suffering. At the end of yesterday’s show they ran another poll on the issue:

1) over 10,000 people responded. 97% voted in support of allowing medicinal cannabis in Aotearoa/NZ

2) they then took this result to the 121 current MPs in the NZ parliament, for response today

3) they showed several MPs actually responding, on camera.. about half seemed supportive.. the rest ‘hadn’t really thought about it or were undecided’ (head in the sand)

4) BUT the reporters stated they finally got a response from about half of all MPs.. asking whether they would support a conscience vote on the issue

5) of those respondents: 72.5% said “YES”, 10% said “NO” & 17.5% were still undecided.

This sounds like a 180 degree turn on the vote in 2009, Med-use bill put up by the NZ Green party, when over 70% voted “NO”

BUT.. it also shows how totally out-of-touch most MPs in NZ still are on this issue.. the reality is only 36% of ALL MPs actually sounded committed to law reform. It confirms that 50% were just gutless, in not even responding to the question, that a huge majority of kiwis in all recent polls say we want action on NOW !

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