Driving High

I watched a doco. last evening, titled : ‘DRIVING HIGH’ It contained the following issues:

1) they talked to a few NZ ‘Road cops’ about catching ‘Stoned drivers’.. they said the rarely catch any. Alcohol is the main problem. A cop showed the reporter a ‘roadside impairment test’; lifting one leg & standing for 5 seconds. They also said they look for evidence; pipes etc. OR the smell of cannabis.

2) they went to several spots in Auckland city (with saliva testers, bought from Australia) & asked random drivers to take a mouth swab. They got 10 in total. 6 were clear/negative, 4 tested positive to Drugs : 2 for Cannabis (20%), 1 for Cocaine & 1 for opiates

3) they visited Denver Colorado; spoke to a road cop there, who said that Alcohol is the main problem. In regard to stoned drivers, they usually look for ‘erratic driving’ but rarely catch any, that are obviously ‘driving high’.

4) they attended a 420 (on 420 day).. talking to people about driving high; one guy said he preferred to catch the bus, as “driving ruined the high” he didn’t like being stuck in traffic. The reporter stated the 420 was “like a fragrant bushfire” with huge clouds of smoke.. he looked totally wasted (from second-hand smoke ?)

5) they interviewed a lady who worked in a ‘grow facility’ who said; they always stick by the law. She said some people do home grow (up to 6 plants) But many just prefer to buy from licensed growers (R21, up to one ounce). They told customers about all the risks.

6) they conducted a driving test in NZ: 5 drivers (3 men, 2 women). They took them to a ‘race track’ (2.7 km loop). They all drove straight (with a driving instructor in the car), to record their abilities: All passed. Then they retired to a room & smoked several joints (shared). Then repeated the driving tests (with the instructor). The results were then discussed: a few actually drove faster, most did concentrate more. One guy actually kept slowing down & even stopped, without a reason. One kept swerving out of the lines. Several said they felt ‘paranoid’ being filmed & having the instructor in the car. The instructor stated they all showed evidence of ‘impairment’ in varying degrees. The bottom line was; the ‘myth’ that stoned drivers, drive better.. is just that & it is NOT recommended ! I agree 100% !!

It was just good to see someone actually doing this sort of test, to show the reality.. NOT just hearsay & B-S !!

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