Days for Js

I see that Saturday 7 May 2016 is Int’l ‘J Day’ in 200 cities across the world :
‘high noon to 420’.. “might see U there” 🙂

From the NZ NORML website:

‘NORML presents J Day: Nationwide cannabis protests this Saturday 7th May 2016’

*The 25th Annual J Day is on Saturday 7th May, nationwide. *

J Day is held on the first Saturday in May, in over 200 cities around
the world, until the War on Drugs is over. This year’s theme is: “Stop
the war, start the healing”.

“J Day is a global protest against pot prohibition and celebration of
cannabis culture,” said national organiser. “This year we
are marking not only 25 years of J Days – it began in 1992 – but also
forty years of Misuse of Drugs Act enforcement, and twenty years since
we founded the Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party. With all the talk of
drug law reform lately, we have plenty to celebrate.

“NORML is calling for an immediate moratorium on cannabis arrests,
because it’s impossible to have a fair, even, conversation when one side
is branded criminals,” said (the organiser).

“New Zealand’s cannabis community is appealing to the Police to stop
arresting people for cannabis use or possession
in light of the current
debate. Our police have the discretionary powers to achieve drug peace,
if they want it,” added, NORML NZ’s national secretary
and organiser of J Day in Christchurch.

“The NZ Police are already decriminalising by stealth. Let’s make it an
official policy so they can get on with solving crime that matters. We
need to stop this insane War on Drugs, and start healing our patients
and our divided communities,” said the spokesperson.

*J Day Saturday 7 May 2016 locations:*

J Day is part of the Global Marijuana March, happening in over 200
cities around the world. New Zealand locations are:

* Whangarei – William Fraser Park

* Auckland –Albert Park (Princes St). Featuring market stalls,
speeches, music

* Taupo – The Black Shed (Miro St)

* Hastings –Library ANZAC Memorial
* Wellington – Frank Kitts Park (Waterfront)

* Christchurch – Latimer Square
* Dunedin – The Octagon

*All events are R18, free, and run High Noon to 4:20pm.*

© Copyright NORML New Zealand 2016, All Rights Reserved.

“What do we want ? FREEDOM.. when do we want it ? NOW !!” 😀

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