420 J-day

I attended the local J-Day in the Octagon in Dunedin (NZ).. whilst it couldn’t be said to be a massive turnout.. there was a good representation of the ‘hard core’ 50-100 assorted tokers & supporters ?

I must admit it was pleasant to sit out in the open air & smell the wafts of ganja smoke & even partake in a couple of Js too. The time was filled by music & a few speeches from activists.. I was even inspired to get on the mic & say “Forget the mainstream political parties & their B-S.. vote for the Cannabis party. The only one that genuinely seems to promote, law reform at this time !”

I send my best wishes to all the activists & attendees around the world, who also ‘stood up to be counted’ on J-Day 2016.

btw; a speaker gave a special thanks to the local constabulary.. for not attending today (even though I hear, they were invited) 🙂 😀

The downside was the evening TV news announcement; that the Govt. again ignored the public call for reform today.. the Health minister saying that further review of Medicinal use was a possibility, BUT Recreational use is NOT.. under this current regime !

I must admit that 420, was filled with cheers & the largest cloud of ‘fragrant smoke’.. then we got high.. then we got high.. then we got even HIGHER.. 😀

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