Protest in South Africa

I read a report that 1000s took to the streets of Cape Town.. on J-Day.

‘Thousands of South Africans took to the streets of Cape Town on Saturday demanding a relaxation of drugs laws to allow medicinal and recreational use of cannabis.’

‘Around 3,000 protesters took part in the march, some smoking cannabis, also known as marijuana and others carrying placards or cannabis plants growing in portable containers.’

“We were marching for the legalisation and regulation of cannabis in South Africa,” lead organiser (name removed) told AFP.

“There is more than enough evidence around the world about the medicinal benefits of cannabis,” he said, adding that legalisation would create a “safer and much more controllable” use of the drug.

‘Use of cannabis and medicinal marijuana is gaining popularity in some parts of the world to ease suffering from cancer, glaucoma, HIV and AIDS, and other serious conditions.’

BUT the old-fashioned stereotypical ‘reefer madness’ B-S was also mentioned; ‘But opponents fear crime connected to drug abuse and users graduating to harder drugs

‘A South African opposition lawmaker (name removed) in 2014 submitted draft legislation calling for the legalisation of marijuana but died soon after.’

* I tend to write on the negative rhetoric/news in Aotearoa/NZ.. BUT, I also keep an eye out for similar news from around the world too :/

“Kia Kaha” (be strong) to all protesters around the planet.. Its a Human-rights issue !

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