Several options

I just watched the replay of an interview on TV current affairs, with a USA Prof. Beau Kilmer (from San Fran.) discussing the possible options that Aotearoa/NZ could take, if considering cannabis law reform (by looking at current changes overseas; Colorado, Amsterdam, Uruguay, Portugal etc.):

1) allow adults to home grow their own plants; with a strict regulated limit (4-6 ?) for personal use only

2) allow collectives/user clubs; where adults can congregate & buy or share small quantities

3) allow licensed cultivation (commercial-scale), then sold through licensed dispensaries/users clubs (taxed).. with strict rules: Age limit, purchase limits/rules etc.

4) he discussed the 80-20 stats. : 80% of cannabis is used by 20% of the population. The majority of people who want to use cannabis are already doing so, under prohibition, but under regulation the ‘issues’ (mainly health & societal problems) can be canvassed & addressed.

5) how do you deal with people who use underage ? education, treatment, possibly fines.. BUT; probably not by criminal justice (similar to prohibition)

6) he said that countries can put a ‘sunset clause’ in their legislation, where IF it creates more harms than the current regime, it can be reversed or tightened up.

BUT having said all that.. this current NZ Govt. still has the prohibition blinkers on.. NZ will likely need, a change of Govt. to even see law reform (recreational use) being put on the agenda ! 😦 Why is this so ?

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