More Protests on J-Day

I read that there were marches, to protest Cannabis prohibition.. in over 800 cities in 72 countries ! Some examples:

‘The Global Marijuana March has taken place this weekend as cannabis supporters from around the world gathered in 829 cities in 72 countries to put pressure on their governments to legalize the drug.’

*Buenos Aires, Argentina*

‘Demonstrators were out in force in the Argentinian capital, Buenos Aires, including wheelchair-bound children suffering from refractory epilepsy. They want the drug legalized for medical use and for it to be regulated for cultivation and consumption.’

‘Thousands of demonstrators were out in force, displaying flags, which depicted Bob Marley, while smoking cannabis joints.’

*Rio de Janeiro, Brazil*

‘Rio’s Ipanema and Leblon beaches were the setting as thousands of people marched through Brazil’s iconic city calling for cannabis to be legalized in the country.’

*Toronto, Canada*

‘Some 20,000 marijuana activists gathered in Queens Park in Toronto to take part in the 18th Global Marijuana March.’
‘A number of those taking part wore fancy dress costumes, while they chants of “free the weed” could be heard.’

*Cologne, Germany *

‘Cologne was one of several German cities that saw demonstrations taking place to try and force the government to legalize marijuana. Thousands of protesters took advantage of the good weather to take to the streets, while music blared out from a float.’

*Madrid, Spain *

Thousands of demonstrators were out in force in the capital of Spain, Madrid, on Saturday. A yellow open top bus paraded through the streets, which blasted out music from its many speakers, while there were plenty of green balloons on display with a marijuana leaf printed on them.’

The report also included Cape Town, South Africa (in my recent post)

** The tide does seem to be rising against prohibition.. BUT it seems some Govts. are still doing the ‘King Canute’ thing ! 😦

In addition.. several cities in Aotearoa/NZ joined too 🙂

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