Public perception

I was riding the bus, into town this morning.. I heard a lady talking (loudly) on her mobile phone. It sounded like she was talking to someone about a job possibility ? She said that she was happy, to undergo a police check. Then mentioned a ‘driving under the influence’ (Alcohol) conviction.. then said ‘BUT that’s not really a big issue.. nothing serious !
It’s interesting to hear the public perceptions on these things: cannabis use IS considered a ‘Criminal offence’ BUT Driving drunk is NOT, by many ?

Just shows you how misinformation can warp, people’s ideas on these things :/

Aotearoa/NZ has a widespread policy of ‘Drug testing in the workplace’ BUT this ignores alcohol, almost as if it is not really considered to be a ‘Drug’ 😦

Surely.. its time to ‘level the playing field’ !

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