Expert proposal

I read that a University Drug researcher, has proposed that Aotearoa/NZ adopt ‘Cannabis clubs’ as a way to move beyond prohibition. I read the following issues:

‘A compromise is being offered up in the debate about legalising cannabis in New Zealand.’
‘Calls for ‘cannabis clubs’ as a compromise to legalising the drug’

‘Dr (name removed) from Massey University says the clubs would sell drugs only to those registered with the club.’
‘It would involve the creation of special recreational cannabis clubs where people could take the drug in a controlled environment, with profits going back to the government.’

‘He says there have been recreational cannabis clubs in some European countries for quite a while now.’

This come on the back of the recent UNGASS in NY, where there were apparently many countries calling for alternatives to Prohibition. BUT recent comments from the NZ minister, lead many to believe that we will need a change of Govt. before any substantive changes, will occur here.

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