More than two USA parties

If you watch the mainstream media, you would believe there are really only two political parties in USA (Democrats & Republicans/GOP). BUT I see recently that there are, in fact others, including: Green & Libertarians.
I read in an article that Green candidate (Jill Stein) is very supportive of cannabis legalisation :

‘Green Party Presidential Candidate Jill Stein Supports Cannabis Legalization’

‘Jill Stein is a candidate for president who is seeking the Green Party nomination in 2016 Presidential Election. She also ran in 2012 and got nearly half a million votes. The Green Party of the United States includes nationwide cannabis legalization in its platform so it is no surprise that Stein is a huge supporter of legalizing the plant.’

‘Jill Stein is the only candidate who delves deep into social and political issues surrounding the cannabis legalization. “Marijuana is far less of a threat to personal and public health than alcohol and nicotine,” Stein said in a recent interview while discussing the removal of cannabis from the list of Schedule I substances by the DEA.’

‘She sees the cannabis legalization as the linchpin for ending the War on Drugs, “It’s a war that’s flagrantly lost by a very misguided and racist policy which needs to be brought to an end” says Stein, “and no one is paying a bigger price for that than the communities of color.” Stein sees the failure of War on Drugs not only as a leading cause for prison overcrowding, but she also blames it for police militarization and the recent rise in police shootings.’

This was a pleasing read to I&I.. I have been looking to see if any of the others are intending to push further law reforms. So far I think only Bernie Sanders has made any positive noises on the issue ?

In order for the USA-led ‘War on Drugs’ to finally be brought to an end, it really needs legalisation/law reform at the federal level ! This would signal to the rest on the OECD countries (at least) that the Armistice is being called.

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