something profoundly Wrong

If you look at the issues around cannabis.. it seems that there is ‘something profoundly wrong’ with prohibition:

1) Prohibition failed to stop Alcohol production, supply & use in 1920s USA. It was repealed because it created; black-markets, gangsters, violence & corruption. Anyone who has looked at cannabis prohibition, can plainly see, it has done exactly the same things.. yet it continues 40-odd years on.

2) The USA championed the ‘War on Drugs’ yet their constitution is built on : Life, LIBERTY & the pursuit of Happiness. Cannabis prohibition effectively negates the last two.

3) The ‘established churches’ seem to condemn cannabis (as if it is ‘EVIL’), yet the bible states that God created everything in the heaven & earth; this must therefore include Cannabis, Coca & Opium.

4) Many things currently made from fossil fuels (oil) were also once made from Hemp. The difference being that fossil fuel oil is far more polluting, the plastics are effectively non-biodegradable etc. Yet the cannabis prohibition law has effectively been used to ban all uses of the plant, until recently.

5) The pharmaceutical industry, is run to create & supply ‘drugs’ to cure & aid sickness & suffering & yet, the DEA seem adamant that cannabis is a ‘Schedule 1 narcotic’, most open to abuse & supposedly having ‘No therapeutic or medicinal use/value’. The reality is that cannabis was used for 1000s of years for its medicinal/therapeutic properties.. even today it is regaining recognition for these uses.

6) Cannabis is apparently banned because of the ‘harm’ it produces. BUT Alcohol & Tobacco are both legal & the evidence shows they are by far, more harmful: hospital admissions & deaths.

7) I often hear that Police struggle with the resources (staffing & financial) provided, to ‘fight crime’ adequately (over 80% of break & enter robberies go unresolved in NZ) & yet I read, they seem to spend over one-third of their total resources fighting the ‘Drug war’ (esp Cannabis)

8) Increasingly, there are public calls to reform the drug laws (esp. Medicinal cannabis) & yet it constantly falls on ‘deaf ears’.

9) The USA lead the world on Drug prohibition & yet, about half of their states now allow medicinal use of cannabis & an increasing number are either decriminalising or legally regulating production & personal recreational use. Whilst still pushing a military-style response in countries like Mexico & parts of South America (which supply a large quantity).

I would like someone to ‘please explain’ this to I&I.. plus the rest of the world who still SUFFER under the USA-led prohibition/War on Drugs ! 😦

It makes absolutely, NO LOGICAL sense !!

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