What is Pipe Weed ?

I watched the first ‘Hobbit’ movie on TV last evening. Written by the author of ‘Lord of the Rings’; JRR Tolkien. One of the main characters, Galdalf the Wizard is often seen smoking ‘Pipe Weed’. I have heard that is obviously not Tobacco.

In the movie; Gandalf shares a pipe of it, with another Wizard & his eyes open wide & a large smile comes upon his face. The author was likely to have known of cannabis, which was probably still legal in his youth.

I have also heard that many famous authors of the late 19th & early 20th centuries likely gained ‘inspiration’ from such intoxicants. I’ll leave it to you to decide… 🙂

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2 Responses to What is Pipe Weed ?

  1. w rich says:

    back then it was more likely opium

    • Zedd says:

      It’s possible.. BUT I believe Opium, in its raw form (as it was often smoked) was a resin, extracted from the poppy. Cannabis is often still called ‘WEED’. There’s even a song about ‘the Wild-Wood Weed’ 🙂
      Thx for comment.

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