Huge Cocaine Bust

I saw on the Int’l TV news, the police in Colombia have ‘discovered’: 8 tons of Cocaine, buried on a banana plantation. The report said that the drugs were packaged & ready for shipment north.. to USA.

This again highlights two things:

1) the massive efforts/costs being put into the USA-led ‘War on Drugs’

2) there is a HUGE market for ‘illegal drugs’ in USA & much of the world.

SO.. why don’t they ‘cut the crap’ (zero-tolerance/drug-free world) that is obviously a failure. Whilst this seizure is a large quantity & will likely make a dent in the supply & black-market’s profits. Estimates are that only about 10% of all illegal drugs are ever seized. Surely it is time to legally regulate all drugs : Cannabis, Coca etc. & take it from the Black-market & Tax it ? :/

They do say, that all ‘illegal drugs’ seizures, are destined for the fire.. BUT in a country renowned for corruption, how likely is this ? I’m betting a ‘token amount’ will be burned (publicly ?) & the rest will just, end up back on the black-market ?! 😦

Even here in Aotearoa/NZ, it is widely rumored, that about half the drugs, that go in the front-doors of police stations, EXIT through the back-door ?

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