Med-use update

I just watched a current affairs TV show; ‘Story’.. their reporter was taken to a ‘secret location’ in, NZ South Island & met a guy called ‘Jack’ who is growing ‘illegal cannabis’, BUT is turning it into oil & giving it away to sick people. I think this includes, a couple of ladies with cancer, who have featured on a few other news items, in recent past. He stated he is not selling it, or supplying any for recreational use.

‘Jack’ said he was risking arrest & potentially prison time, if he gets caught. They showed a ‘grow room’ with lights & fans.. lined with tin foil. There looked like at least 50 plants, many ready for harvest (with ‘buds’).

Afterwards they had a brief interview with the Govt. minister, who said he could not say, he supports anything illegal, BUT in regard to medicinal use, he seemed to be saying a law change is due. (paraphrased). He added that he thinks additional cannabis med-use products will be available in Aotearoa/NZ soon. BUT this is the same minister, who less than a year ago effectively ruled out any ‘natural herb’ cannabis & stated it was purely a pharmaceutical issue ! :/

Can it be the minister is actually listening to ‘we the people’ who in several recent polls (over 80% support) are saying “It is time for law reform.. NOW !!”

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